Opening The Door To 2021

Well... its officially the last weekend in January and the very very long awaited Pay Day for many! We've been a little quite on the blog front this month, but we have been working super hard behind the scenes and have LOADS to fill you in on; from media coverage to some amazing social media shout outs, our sale & some really exciting plans for the new year!

So... let's get cracking!!

We had an amazing start to the New Year... literally! On New Years Day we woke up to this...

We were featured in the Vegan Checklist in the Guardian on chuffin' New Years Day!!

If that wasn't enough, a couple of days later...

We were featured as a headline spot in The Observer! *Cue Happy Dance*

As I'm sure you can imagine, we were bouncing off the walls! Fuzzy head or no fuzzy head from NYE... we cracked the fizz open to celebrate.

Moving on slightly... remember when the wonderful Jodie Kidd featured us in her blog? Well, she did an interview for Red Magazine this month and one of the questions was 'The Candle I Love To Light Is...' and can you guess what her answer was?

Sissie Green's Very Own Knightsbridge *proud moment*

We are so thrilled Jodie loves our candles as much as we do, it gives us a warm feeling every time we get feedback from any of our fans!

On top of all that excitement we've had some mega shout outs on social media... the lovely Christine McGuinness gave us some flattering feedback on her story & as eagle eyed as we are... we spotted her burning it in the background not long after! Thank you so much!

The fabulous Lisa Riley also took to Instagram to give us some heartfelt feedback on our Enchanted fragrance... Thank you Lisa!!

Anyway, moving on...

We did mention earlier that we had some exciting things lined up for the new year and I'm about to reveal one of them right now...

Just before Christmas last year, we met a wonderful lady called Jodi with an amazing concept. Jodi has a really similar ethos to us and believes in showing gratitude to people and a big believer in saying 'Thank You' which isn't always said enough. She has built a truly special company, and in the next couple of weeks you'll be able to purchase your Sissie Green candles from her website along with lots of other amazing gifts. From notebooks to postcards and diaries that have affirmations and quotes throughout, its a great way to gift. Click the link below to have a little look -

Whilst were on the topic of saying Thank You, we wanted to thank every single one of you for continuing to support us! To show how grateful we are, we've extended our sale until midnight on the 31st January so you have one last shopping weekend to save 20% on ALL your Sissie Green favourites!! Just enter the code below on the checkout page -


Now last but by no means least, we have one last thing to tell you.

Well not tell you... more to tease you...

You may notice over the next couple of days some changes to the website, there will be a couple of 'coming soon' sections added on there.

What's coming soon we hear you ask... well of course we will have some very exciting announcements and some brand new SG concepts surrounding our candles BUT we are also branching out.

We've already said too much so watch this space and follow our expansion over on our social media pages.

OK, you've twisted our arm's... one last clue... think 'Hygge'.

Right our lovelies, that all from us this week!

Have an amazing weekend

Stay Safe


The Sissie Green Sisters x

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