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Name: Tuscany

Colour: Dark Forest Green

Scent: An earthy mix of rubbed tomato leaves and fresh herbs with uplifting citrus notes

Vibe: Picture yourself in Tuscany on a summer’s evening watching the sun go down while you sit in a lemon orchard atop a stunning Tuscan hill, while tomatoes and fresh herbs waft by from the grill.

Occasion: Perfect for garden parties, BBQ’s and relaxing in the evening.

Sizes: 180ml or 500ml

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Name: Spring

Colour: Pale yellow

Scent: Fresh notes of orange blossom and lily, accompanied by delicate hints of jasmine

Vibe: Close your eyes and you see yourself lying in a beautiful Valencian orange grove in the middle of spring with the sun beaming down on your face surrounded by orange trees, taking in the scents of the lilies and jasmine growing around you.

Occasion: Great for weddings, house warmings, or cosy night’s at home.

Sizes: 180ml or 500ml

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Name: Cocoa & Vanilla

Colour: Black Label

Scent: A chocoholics dream! Top notes of rich cocoa and sweet vanilla

Vibe: Imagine yourself on a boat gently travelling down a stream of rich chocolate in a world where the trees are made of dark chocolate, the clouds are candy floss and the air smells of vanilla. Dreamy!

Occasion: Fantastic for birthdays, wine tastings and romantic weekends in.

Sizes: 180ml or 500ml

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Name: Calm

Colour: Pale blue

Scent: An uplifting combination of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus

Vibe: Envision after a tough week you decide on a spontaneous trip to a Himalyan yoga retreat to relax. You are at the top of a mountain in complete silence with a light wind blowing scents of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus under your nose.

Occasion: After a hard day's work, winding down, in the bath.

Sizes: 180ml or 500ml

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Name: Summer

Colour: Soft Pink Blush

Scent: A intricate blend of the British Countryside with base notes of violet leaf, musk and cottage roses

Vibe: Picture this, it’s the height of British Summer you have escaped to a countryside retreat, sitting in the garden surrounded by cottage rose bushes you can smell violet from the nearby meadows.

Occasion: Brilliant for Anniversary gifts, Lazy Summer days and garden get-togethers.

Sizes: 180ml or 500ml

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