Evening you wonderful bunch!

How is it Friday again? The weeks are flying by and were creeping closer and closer to our

favourite holiday of the year… Halloween! It may be a little different this year but there’s no

stopping us carving the pumpkins, decorating the house and making some ghoulish treats to

enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be offering some tips on pumpkin carving over the

next couple of weeks.

So… as always we’ve been manic getting everything ready for the festive season that will be

soon upon us! We’ve been prepping and all of our lovely bits for the Christmas Gift Boxes

with Wicks & Reeds, which are still available on pre-order (hit the link below to nab yours whilst you can)!

Christmas Gift Boxes

Also, thank you so much for being so welcoming to all our new arrivals! They have literally flown out and we’ve had some wonderful feedback from you all!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you… the one and only wonderful JODIE KIDD has received some of our candles, keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages for Jodie's feedback (although we do know she had one lit a couple of nights ago and really liked it). We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to enjoy our candles, we hope it brought a little spark into your week.

Also… Instagram Queen Lisa Dawson has received a couple and loves them too...

We have another Instagram Interior Queen trying some this weekend so we shall keep you posted...

Finally… were almost at 1000 followers on our insta! Keep checking as we might run a little competition when we hit it! If you don’t follow us please do to be in with a chance of winning, you also get to see all of our updates.

We will be at Sandbach Artisan tomorrow so if you’re kicking around please pop down and say hi, we love seeing you guys! That’s all for this week, have a fabulous weekend.

Lots of Love,

The Sissie Green Sisters x

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