Camera Wizardry, Christmas Shopping and an announcement we've been BURSTING to tell you!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Are you superstitious? Did you know that every month that begins on a Sunday will have Friday 13th?! Little fun fact for you there... you never know; that could win you the pub quiz once lockdown is over! always we've had a mega week here at SG HQ and we've got loads of exciting bits to tell you about. From website refreshing and some amazing new images to online markets and something we've been keeping schtum but we've been BURSTING to tell you...we will save that one for the end.

This week we had the amazing photographer Ryan over to HQ to snap some pictures for the website... here he is working his magic!

Look at these absolute beauties he created... camera wizardry!

We're absolutely thrilled with them, what do you guys think?

Next up... you can catch us at the Rossendale Trust virtual Xmas markets up until the 29th November! Check us out on the link below and see what else is on offer.

And last but by no means least... the final announcement that we've been keeping hush for weeks!

So our lovely friends over at Wicks & Reeds gave us a call a couple of weeks ago and asked us if... we would like to appear in THE GUARDIAN!! Of course we said yes! We will be featuring in the Top Christmas Gift section on the 21st November so go out and grab a copy guys!! The article will also be live on the website for a good couple of weeks and there are lots of competitions etc and gifts to be won!

We can't wait!!!

Have a mega weekend.

Stay Safe.

Lots of Love,

The Sissie Green Sisters x

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