S I S S I E  G R E E N  F R I E N D S

We wanted to share with you the fantastic partnerships we have built since launching Sissie Green. Our partners, who we now class as friends, have very similar ethics and beliefs to SG. Below is a little bit more about them...

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Wicks & Reeds are an independent home fragrance shop with a simple vision - to source and sell a range of beautiful yet responsible home scents. From Vegan candles and paraffin-free soy wax melts to natural reed diffusers, organic and natural hand soaps and washes and bio room & linen sprays. 

W&R work hard to find local British artisans who produce small batch products that tick their caring criteria. We also believe in paying a fair price for a good product and recognise the work that goes into creating these lovely brands and products. 

They might not always be the cheapest but they're not about that. There are a lot of place to buy candles online but they think Wicks & Reeds can be something special and with the right family of brands working with them, and their discerning customers - we truly believe they can do something which is genuinely good for you and good for nature. 

Meeting and working with Amy & Abbi has been a breath of fresh air. Their company Sissie Green ticks so many boxes that makes us super compatible including their commitment to producing the highest quality yet most sustainable and eco-friendly candles & reed diffusers. Not only this but their passion for what they do is met only by their drive and work ethic. As a retail customer, I appreciate their responsiveness and the fact they are constantly willing to go the extra mile to keep Wicks & Reeds customers happy. We’re delighted with the partnership which has quickly proven itself and can’t wait to see what is in store in the future!

Thomas Dee – Founder


Cheshire Quality are a Cheshire based couple who both have family roots to the county, and after spending many years travelling, in their hearts, Cheshire was always home.

Their  passion for buying handmade goods opened their eyes to the eclectic mix of artisans within the area who provide the highest quality bespoke gifts, homewares and delicious artisan food.


John-Paul & Sam

If you would like to become a partner of Sissie Green please send an email to